Rooftops – “Better Off Alone”: The newest release from Columbus, Ohio-based multi-instrumentalist Bryan Ream is another reinvention that showcases his array of talent as a performer and songwriter. The tune is a massive rager in terms of tone, pace, and attitude and it has a place on hard rock playlists on terrestrial radio and online. “Better Off Alone” is Rooftops’ edgiest song to date that gives off Blink-182 vibes with a little more power behind the punches. With fantastic harmonies, gritty guitar work, dynamic drumming, and Ream’s vocals as the cherry on top, this single should have no have problem amassing streams and being a headbanging favorite. Directed and edited by Zarek Metz, the official video is vibrant, sharp, and an excellent visual to go along with the rocking tune. In conjunction with the new single, it has been announced Rooftops will make its live show debut on July 30 in the Columbus suburb of Dublin as part of a local music festival packed full of rising and established Central Ohio artists.

Shiloh Hawkins – “Life Without You”: Transparent and honest, the Columbus singer-songwriter wrote this love song for a couple of friends who wed recently. As a token of gratitude for what those friends did for her, she pours her heart and soul all over this acoustic gem. Shiloh’s vocals will pull on listeners’ heartstrings and have them longing for finding love one day or appreciating their current partnerships a little more. Much like a lot of people, the past year or so was tough on Hawkins and this well-written, well-sung, well-played thing of beauty is part of her own healing process. Inspired to perform again, “Life Without You” is an excellent song as part of Hawkins’ comeback.

Abel – “Ywktt”: The Columbus electronic artist tries to provide the listening public with a distinct experience on every outing. On his latest, Abel demonstrates hip-hop chops combined with perfectly placed electronic beats and from-the-heart lyrics. The result is under three minutes of sheer genius that with the right promotional pull, has legs on over-the-air hip-hop, R&B, and alternative stations. “Ywktt” is as catchy as the summer days are long and is full of substance. Admiration goes out to Abel for writing and performing something that gives listeners a wide range of emotions. On a lighter note, released on June 4 is the official video for the tune as directed by Meghan McCloskey with her sharing videography duties with Dylan Phipps.

Lipstk – “Once in a blue moon”: The premiere single by the Ohio trio will have alternative rock aficionados long the genre’s heyday from the 90s and early 2000s. Their lead-off song is chock full of rock greatness in that it the vocals start off like a lamb and then the roar comes, taking the tune over the hump. If Extreme singer Gary Cherone were vocalist for Screaming Trees, you would have an idea of what Lipstik and “Once in a Blue Moon” sound like. Then again, it is easier to stream the polished and solid single ready for the big time and people can then have the audio proof that these guys have the knack to go far Each element comes together like a well-oiled machine with the on-point singing, ravishing guitar work and the dynamite drums. The blokes should be proud of an amazing first impression that will get them some much deserved praise and promotion in the local scene as they work their way to the big time.

MOMMY ISSUES – “Interesting”: As solo artists, Nashville’s Chey Rose and Amy Asher have garnered admiration and accolades for their respective releases. Nowadays, the pair have joined forces to write and perform as a collective and their debut single is fiery, fierce, and ferocious. “Interesting” is a pop bop that is way more than that as it possesses relevant, timely lyrics with pop power and spot-on hip-hop sprinkled in between. Co-written with Andrew Gomez, the tune’s theme is empowerment in which the tandem explains that anything they do, say, and wear is on their terms and theirs alone. “Interesting” is a well-crafted song that belongs on the Top 40 chart and it is only a matter of when versus if of Asher and Rose garnering a record deal and airplay. Strap a rocket to their backs and enjoy the ride as MOMMY ISSUES is ready to soar to new heights.

Animal Sun – “more than a friend”: Formed six years ago, the L.A. band has done well for themselves but they are looking to take the next leap in their endeavors. This alt-pop banger is evidence the band is on their way to taking the nation and beyond by storm. The track has hooks for days, head-bobbing appeal, slick production, and marvelous musicianship that make for a hit song. The bop has the right amount of 80s synthpop combined with modern pop to be a dark horse Top 40 hit. Those who miss now-defunct major label band Clear Static have the fellas of Animal Sun as the ultimate reincarnation. “more than a friend” oozes excellence and serves as terrific promotion for Animal Sun’s new album titled Echoes of a Dream, due out June 11. “More Than a Friend” also has a video for it that is as aesthetically pleasing as the song is superb sounding that reiterates the band is on their way to more attention, adulation, and accomplishments.

Jimmy Suspect – “Bad News”: The debut single by the Meigs County, Ohio artist is crisp from beginning to end with solid vocal delivery blended with astonishing arrangements making for quite the sleeper. Jimmy delivers his lines with panache and self-assurance that reinforces he is no ham-and-egger in the music scene. “Bad News” is great news for the music world as after a stream or two, people will be addicted. The alt hip-hop tune has uniqueness and relevance in an ever-evolving musical landscape in which genre bending is becoming prevalent. If his future releases are even half as decent as his debut, Jimmy Suspect will be rejoiced for years to come.

Zøie X – “IDWBN”: This latest single has the tools to be a hit for the Nashville-based pop singer-songwriter: Solid vocals, bombastic beats, and a remarkable chorus. The lyrics are relatable to many people who have been hosed by a former partner. The song serves as an anthem to get the last word and serve the dish of revenge cold. She has every chance in the world to excel in the industry and this newest bop plus her debut release “Overdue” are steps in the right direction. Living in a music-laden city certainly does not hurt her odds of success and what helps is that her style and genre stand out in the country music capital. Zøie X has plans to drop four more singles during this calendar year to build anticipation for her debut record due out in 2022.

Myles Lloyd – “Running On You”: With praise from outlets Earmilk, Live Nation’s Ones To Watch, and others, the newest track by the Montreal-based R&B artist is bound to garner him more adulation. The song is in-depth and personal about betting on oneself and facing adversity head-on. The song is brilliantly laid out and each element fits beautifully, making it a surefire hit if heard by the right ears. The voice, the harmonies, and the message make “Running On You” one of the more earnest and poignant songs in recent memory. An accompanying video for the single helps give the tremendous track the full effect to listeners and viewers. Previously released songs such as “Garçon”, “I Want It All”, and others have stream amounts in the six figures. His latest has the proof of his talent to do the same and earn him even more of a spotlight.

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