Hello Luna – “Haywire”: The Columbus, Ohio outfit consisting of Kenzie Coyne, Michael Neumaier, Eric Morgan, and Mitch Ammar Horn returns with a single already generating a buzz locally. Those who follow the band’s social media feeds know that they work extremely hard to craft from the heart rock tunes putting a strong emphasis on the sizzle matching the steak. “Haywire” is flawlessly produced and performed with each member’s contribution being an equally key component. Coyne’s standout vocals display she is one of the top lead singers in the scene. Neumaier’s drum work is dynamic and is the glue that keeps everything spot on. Throughout “Haywire”, Coyne and Morgan are superb on guitar and Ammar Horn’s bass is brilliantly laid out. The formula of melodic alternative rock goodness has served Hello Luna well in its half-decade of existence with more excellence to come as the band plans to release its first full-length album next year. Until then, those who like rock done right should access previously released gems “Sound & Sorrow”, “Sympathize”, “Lifeboat”, among others.

Snarls – “Fixed Gear”: Signed to Take This To Heart Records, The Columbus quartet dropped their newest as promotion for the EP What About Flowers? Due out November 12. The band’s latest banger possesses strong, unique vocal output by Chlo White that is sure to get it press from underground and national publications. As displayed in the notes for the song’s official video, the lyrics are melancholy and proves the band lives up to their emo glitter pop proclamation. Filmed at The Master Estate in their hometown, the well-shot vid shows both the band rocking out and strong, sincere performances by Chlo and actor Siti Sarah Pulcheon. The somber songwriting, yet lively execution has made for a winning formula serving Snarls well thus far. Hall’s backing vocals and bass game are strong as the day is long, giving “Fixed Gear” layers for days. Chlo and Mick Martinez’s guitar work is the epitome of high-standard alternative fare. Max gives maximum effort on the drum play and his due to high-level production, his dynamite work shines through. Each member’s performance makes for indie rock delight that is proof Snarls deserves the success they have earned.  

The Raquels – “WAYDT”: Columbus’ premiere new wave four-piece returns with a vengeance as their new bop stays true to their signature sound. Although the majority of the group’s tunes have more of an 80s vibe to them, “WAYDT” seems to possess a tad more modern pop flavor as one would hear from influential pop breakthrough acts COIN and The 1975. The super catchy chorus makes for what should be a bonafide Top 40 entry as vocalist/guitarist Derrick Walter gives his all with unbridled emotion. Along with the vibrant vocals, instrumental contributions by Gabe Ritz (guitar/vox), David Butler (synthesizers), and Tyler Birch (drums) are on point as the song is slickly mixed and mastered to the standard of being a hit. “WAYDT” has always been solid when the band performed it at concerts and the recorded version is well-crafted, living up to their previous releases “Just a Txt”, “Lower East Side”, “Promiz”, and other diamonds in the rough. These lads are one of the most unique bands in the local scene musically and fashion-wise. Slowly, but surely The Raquels’ audience is growing as talent like this is way too good for music aficionados to overlook.

Tomorrow Daily – “Empty Days”: Originally from Athens, but now based in Columbus the indie rock quintet has dropped a significant new single in which its uniqueness ought to help it be an Internet radio standout. Vocal duties are shared by Avery and Jakob Waffen the song’s tempo changes depending on the singer. Both Waffens are solid in their respective parts with Avery handling the verses and Jakob singing the chorus. The music itself is prolifically played by Jakob (guitar), Mason Barnett (lead guitar), Lorenzo Fava (drums), and Seth McBee (bass). “Empty Days” contains marvelous harmonic arrangements with everyone hitting their part with precision. Production is essential to Tomorrow Daily as while the band had a record deal for a short while, they now embrace the DIY route and score in this area as the instruments match both vocalists’ output.  

Mourning Brew – “Washy”: Off of the label I Wonder What’s For Breakfast he co-founded with fellow members of the Central Ohio band Guest House, Noah Fisher drops a brand new single from his well-received solo project. The Lancaster artist gives listeners about five minutes of his creative genius that veers from the indie rock stylings Guest House typically performs. Musically, “Washy” is straightforward and simple but that is what makes the instrumental work as it is out of left field compared to what other artists are releasing. The song is bold, deafening, and demonstrates Fisher has a great deal to offer the state music landscape. “Washy” serves as an excellent follow-up to Mourning Brew’s 2020 EP Past Tense as it matches the Avant-garde flair he shared with the world last year. The trend is to not be trendy and musicians like Fisher are taking chances and making music on their own terms. Mourning Brew’s focus is on creating audio equivalents to da Vinci paintings and with his latest offering, Fisher sounds like he has succeeded.

Meagan Hillyer and Lucas The Flow – “Health To The World”: The latest by this combination gives off wicked 80s and 90s bohemian vibes and is greatly welcomed in these tumultuous times. The collaboration is part of a compilation of tunes by various artists under the album name Mt. Horus #2 and released by Forest Biz Records. The booming beats by LTF combined with Hillyer’s radiant vocals are a stroke of genius that will put listeners in a catatonic state of euphoria. “Health To The World” is an approximate six-minute trip into the inner regions of one’s own mind and given the song’s title, it is required listening for self-care. Lucas and Hillyer have joined forces for a song that is mid-tempo, yet catchy enough to be the anthem in yoga studios and spas everywhere. Easy listening mainstays like Enya and Yanni are polarizing figures, but this on-point collab is every bit as relevant and top-notch as what those mainstream artists have been performing for decades. 

Perfecta – “No More”: The brainchild of Indonesia-based singer-songwriter Yohanes Exspandio Perfecta Sinuraya, his debut single is about the regret of advice shared with a former romantic partner after the relationship’s dissolution. “No More” should be included in the soundtrack to several dramas to help bolster its popularity. In fact, the tune more than likely echoes the sentiment of several people and their topsy-turvy love lives and may serve as solace and empathy for them. The brilliantly written and performed ballad is evidence Perfecta has a great deal of talent. The earnest vocals match the harmonies throughout making for a very impressive first outing by an artist on the rise. A triple threat (performer, songwriter, and producer), Perfecta is on his way to having a bright future in all three aspects. In a nutshell, Perfecta’s first ever single is absolutely perfect and if his follow-up singles are just as poignant and prolific, he will flourish internationally sooner than even he thinks.

Arrows f/ Raghav Meattle – “To Your World”: Mumbai (Bombay) musician David Britto’s current release is a post-relationship tune about being magnetically lured into situations pertaining to the companionship. The ultimate message behind the song is that relationships should not be the be all, end all at there are other things in life one can enjoy that do not lead to heartache. The upbeat song is acoustic guitar and piano heavy and makes for a unique bluesy rock jam that is worthy of play on Triple A terrestrial and Internet radio stations. The musical portion is handled by Arrows while Meattle provides the vocal output and this team is a formidable one from the first note until the very end. “To Your World” proves Arrows’ prowess as an instrumentalist and Meattle’s vocals here connect with the music with sheer precision. Arrows likes to use various singers for his songs, but this tandem wins big time and should they elect to record together again it should be just a terrific as their current collaboration. 

Tall Heights – “Locked Out”: The Boston area electrofolk duo comprised of Tim Harrington and Paul Wright return with the follow-up to their acclaimed single “Hear It Again”. This time out, their latest is a powerfully sung and performed gem that was inspired by difficult real-life events. Wright wrote “Locked Out” from a perspective of initially feeling helpless to help his wife overcome some demons, but ultimately being there for her as she battled those demons. This is a fabulous message in life to show that someone out there cares at a time when people feel physically and/or emotionally isolated from others. Wright and Harrington’s life experiences and years of marvelous musicianship continue to impress as they have built their following from the ground up as street performers to touring across the globe. The lads have the knack for perseverance, therefore it should not come to any surprise that they can craft a heartfelt tune such as “Locked Out” that should inspire others that they are not alone and have people cheering them on. The guys are working on an LP with intent to drop it this coming January and with terrifically performed songs like this one being included, Tall Heights should have high hopes for breaking through to new heights.

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